The only way out is to retake control over the narrative and claim an active role. This can be done by demonstrating leadership, taking responsibility, ensuring transparency and communicating proactively. With a reactive, defensive strategy, an organisation can hold out for a long time. But, by definition, it can never win. To reclaim a strong position, creativity is indispensable. As an experienced and external advisor, HSC can play an important role here.

During a crisis, a company is under heavy time pressure. Internet users are not only consumers of the news, but have increasingly become producers, too.

HSC has extensive experience in supporting national and international clients during crises with imminent financial or reputational damage.

HSC is a member of the Crisis and Litigation Communicators Alliance (CLCA), a global network of leading and specialized PR agencies in crisis management and strategic litigation communications.This cooperation has proved to be of great value in cross-border cases and international disputes.

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Issue and crisis communication

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License to operate

License to operate

HSC has been engaged to ensure that all the company's stakeholders, internal and external, are better informed about the emission reduction measures taken. The company is now in constant dialogue with its neighbours and all other (political) stakeholders.

License to operate