Organisations face a growing need to be able to receive and interpret real-time information about what is being said about them, their industries and the issues that always matter to them. They need to be able to rely on adequate systems of intelligence that track a comprehensive mix of online and offline sources and channels, 24 hours a day. But proper monitoring and intelligence cannot be automated fully. Understanding and interpreting news and developments still requires a human touch. HSC takes care of the complete process we call intelligence, from identifying and reporting discussions, to their analysis and interpretation.

Our firm is also regularly asked to carry out so-called public due diligence on a company that is being investigated for a potential acquisition. Based on a multitude of sources, we map out the potential risks associated with a takeover.



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The added value for this client is that the news is also interpreted: we put it in the context of a social debate or an imminent legislative change. Therefore, our client can make more informed decisions.